Nutrisystem Helped Me Lose Weight

A side to losing weight that many people seem to miss is that it can be done successfully when you fire yourself up with enough burning determination and desire to win that nothing can get in your way. Of course not everyone chooses to make use of that power of resolve that everyone owns but few realize it.

For those without the immutable power of will to zone into their own tight and unwavering dieting strategy, the ease and convenience of the home delivery, meal replacement diet Nutrisystem comes to the rescue. Here is a letter written to the editor by a dieter who found success with this program and wanted to share it with others:

Succeeding with Nutrisystem: Annie's Story

"I was getting pretty overweight for a while, like I suddenly realized that I needed to lose 30 pounds and I was starting to get worried that a load of health problems would follow in short order. So I started looking for ways to lose all that weight, but my problem is that I just don’t get a whole load of time to spend it in a gym or could be bothered with starting one of those complicated diets where you have to weigh all the food and count all the calories, chart your progress day by day and all that hassle.

nutrisystem helped me lose weightSo I checked out some of the alternatives and ran into Nutrisystem which looked like a really good option. Their diets are low calorie, all counted for you so you don’t have to do any of that stuff yourself.

I also liked it because all the portion sizes are predetermined and while a little on the small size, it looked the perfect solution for me. First I read some Nutrisystem reviews online to learn as much as I can about the diets they produce and what was in store, like there was not going to be anything like nasty surprises sprung on me or anything and I was convinced it was the one for me.

So I ordered my diet, which didn’t cost as much as a lot of other similar diets cost and they delivered a month’s supply of food to my home. Perfect, I thought as I opened the box and started rifling through to see what I’d been sent.

Lots of packages of freeze dried food like pasta and that sort of thing, the snack bars and some packet desserts all in the top part of the box. Then below that was all the main meals all packaged up. There were brochures with instructions and some more company literature and just about everything I guess I needed.

Well, I started the diet and just worked my way through the month. The first week I lost 6 pounds straight off and I was real fired up by this! I took some advice and drank loads of water instead of soda and I also started walking more when I had time. Over the four weeks, I lost a total of 24 pounds and that was just the ticket for me.

Since the diet, I have continued with smaller meal portion sizes, cut out all the junk and no longer drink soda. In the four weeks following the diet, I have lost another 9 pounds and feel better than I have done in years. Kudos to Nutrisystem for teaching me how to eat again!"